2015年9月29日 星期二

May we practice gratitude. May we fill our hearts and resonate with the grace of God's gifts, past present and future. Honoring the Light within while expecting Miracles...~ Karena Virginia

God's goodness is something one cannot learn to know at once; it takes time to understand it. But little actions of kindness which we receive from those around us we can know, and we can be thankful if we want to be. In this way we develop gratefulness in our nature, and express it in our thought, speech, and action as an exquisite form of beauty. Karena Virginia

The great Sufi poet Sa'di teaches gratefulness as being the means of attracting that favor, forgiveness, and mercy of God upon us in which is the salvation of our soul. There is much in life that we can be grateful for, in spite of all the difficulties and troubles of life. Sa'di says, "The sun and moon, and the rain and clouds, all are busy to prepare your food for you..." ~ Karena Virginia

If we answer every little deed of kindness with appreciation, we develop in our nature the spirit of gratefulness; and by learning this we rise to that state where we begin to realize God's goodness toward us, and for this we can never be grateful enough to God's divine compassion. ~ Karena Virginia

Gratefulness in the character is like fragrance in the flower. A person however learned and qualified in his life's work, in whom gratefulness is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes the personality fragrant. ~ Karena Virginia

Another practice is to close the eyes and visualize, feeling grateful for things in advance. Don't let your mind creep in and start to make plans. The goal is just to allow the experience of gratitude. Here is a visualization exercise that I love: Picture yourself in the most beautiful environment. Look around you at everything you have been blessed with. Include your greatest dream, and imagine it with you in your beautiful environment. ~ Karena Virginia

While sitting in our warm beds, or finding a cozy spot to sit in our home, we can be silent, breathe and feel grateful. Here are some beautiful affirmations that I love to use: ~ The Universe always provides me with everything I need. ~ My life is full of blessings, and my gratitude grows everyday. ~ I am grateful for all the insights I am receiving daily. ~ Karena Virginia

We can use a gratitude journal, simply writing a few things we are grateful for in that moment. Consciously practicing gratitude opens powerful pathways of grace. When we sit in the attitude of gratitude, we find that abundance begins to build in our lives in the most miraculous ways. ~ Karena Virginia

If we want our days to be aligned with own highest aspirations, the way to begin is being grateful for them in advance. We can wake with giving thanks for simple things such as the ability to breathe freely, the greatness of being alive, our families, our beautiful friends, and all the goodness around us. ~ Karena Virginia

Each morning is a gift and each sunrise is a powerful time for prayer and contemplation. In the hours before dawn, the sun's rays begin to hit the earth in a rising perpendicular angle, and seem to amplify whatever it is we are focusing on, carrying it into our world. ~ Karena Virginia

The attitude of gratitude is one of the most amazing tools for co-creating with Spirit. We can give thanks for our most heartfelt dreams before they are in our lives. This form of gratitude shows the universe that we are ready for the miracles that are on their way. ~Karena Virginia

The full moon is a lovely reminder to cultivate gratitude for the wonders of each moment, and also to release anything that is not serving us. Many of us are experiencing things in our lives that are falling away naturally. But sometimes when we think of letting go, we can become fearful and feel a sense of loss. Our initial reaction can be to cling more tightly, even when the Universe is patiently opening the way. When this happens it is an opportunity to shift into gratitude and thank the Universe. We can hold gratitude for the way these things served at one time in our journey, and also have gratitude for how we are being called to release now. Instead of resisting or blaming, we choose forgiveness. ~ Karena Virginia

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form. ~Rumi

To KNOW. You are LOVED. Healing is so close. Miracles are everywhere.Some go unnoticed, some are advertised to the world. It does not matter. We just trust. I ask you to trust that there are so many miracles waiting for you. Expect a miracle today. Expect a large miracle. Expect a small miracle. Blessed are those who expect favor and goodness, for Spirit meets us at our level of expectation. ~ Karena Virginia

We are all vessels of love. The Divine flows through all of our hearts and hands. ~ Karena Virginia

A Miracle is simply a new awareness that a dimension outside ourphysical bodies is always working towards serving our highest good. A miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love. A miracle is a gift from beyond that helps us recognize how very loved we are. ~Karena Virginia

When the heart gets into prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Let's remember that we are the light of the universe. You are the light of the universe. And together we are all the light of the universe. ~Karena Virginia

Our Aura: It's an energy field and it's extremely magnetic. When we have an expansive aura, everything and anything is possible. We just draw in magic and we just draw in goodness. ~ Karena Virginia

Our Aura: When we have an expansive aura, the universe is attracted to that love and that light that surrounds our physical bodies. ~ Karena Virginia

2015年9月28日 星期一

靈魂書寫(Soul Writing):享受在自由的身心靈自修的靈修裡 ( Free Spirit Voyage / Formation )

靈魂書寫(Soul Writing):
(Free Spirit Voyage / Formation )



我偏好大量閱讀新世紀書籍和聽身心靈領域的演講影片,例如kundalini Yoga和各式各樣的冥想方式,還有聽很多瑜珈大師或是當代開悟大師如艾克哈特·æ‰˜å‹’的演講,還有賀氏書屋(Hay House)身心靈大師講者作者如Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquet和Robert Holden的演講或是書籍文字資料,以及許多智者大師如一些有名的瑜珈大師的演講,或是像當代很多天使跟高靈如賽斯、歐林等等(Seth, Abraham, Orin....)的充滿智慧光明與愛的傳訊,當代智者大師無數......

不管是身心靈領域或是藝術領域,我不方便出去上課配合團體時間,也不喜歡上課的形式跟束縛時,我通常都上時間上富有彈性的網路課程(E COURSE),就是有空的時候就看網路課程影片或文字資料學習。



Much Love, 

自由書寫(Gratitude Journal):輕安自在(Free From Relationships, Holiday Transportation And Family Gatherings)

自由書寫(Free Journal):
輕安自在(Free From Relationships, Holiday Transportation And Family Gatherings)





我不能否認像這種中秋節的中國人重視團聚的場景,我會覺得有一點跟多數人都不同的反差,有點安靜,有一丁點反差下的安靜寂寞。因為我們本來就較不適合交通外出聚會,也同時無意願聚會聊天。特別是另一半本身很安靜少話,孩子又是非口語型的,寂寞我偶然也有那麼一丁點(only a teeny-tiny little bit & nothing but a difference & contrast to the majority of people ),在中秋節這種中國人愛親友群聚的反差下。不過,反之我們本然不適合也不愛聚會本然是事實啊。總之遇親戚是身心壓力(身體上在外和在他人前照顧孩子更累,心理上也比在家或ㄧ家三口自由行更累)。














Sending Peace, Love & Light To The Entire Universe,

The reason most people give up so fast is that they look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come. ~ Anonymous

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. ~ Martha Graham


The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality inthemselves. ~ Joseph Campbell

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Be proactive - stay alert for signs of synchronicity, and never ignorethem. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

We are one consciousness expressing itself in 7 billion different ways.~ Panache Desai

There is nothing in this infinite universe like you.~ Panache Desai

No one knows you better than yourself!



2015年9月27日 星期日

靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):最感恩自己 (Self Gratitude)

靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):
最感恩自己 (Self Gratitude)








靈魂書寫(Soul Writing): 時時與你的靈魂校準(Soul Alignment)

靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):靈魂校準(Soul Alignment)








靈魂寫作(Soul Writing): 愛情做的人(My Soul Type)

靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):
愛情做的人(My Soul Type)







靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):天地為友:我們適合自由&低干擾的生活( Keeping A Peaceful Mind )

靈魂寫作(Soul Writing):
天地為友:自由&低干擾的生活(Peaceful Mind)









生命故事:關於寶石戒指(My Life Story:About Gemstone Rings)

(My Life Story:About Gemstone Rings) 





Creation With The Creator: My Intuitive/ Expressive Set Paintings of The Week: Waves of Life (我本週的組畫:生命波舞)



Creation With The Creator:My Flower Arrangement For This Week: Angels' Kisses (我的本周插花創作:天使的輕吻)