2018年7月31日 星期二

Take Back Your Personal Power 取回你的自主力量

Accept Each And Every Moment As It Unfolds 接受展開過程的每一刻

Remove Your Vibrational Clutter 淨化你振動頻率的雜質

Calm Your Mind And Think It Through 沉靜你的心再思考

Where you put your attention matters to you, and it matters to the success of the world. You draw your own map. You are absolutely on your way.你的注意力置於何處對你很重要,也關係到世界的成功;繪製你自己的地圖,毫無疑問,你走在自己的路上~Heaven Letters

Be Gentle And Generous With Yourself – And, Yes, Others 溫柔大度的對待自己,當然,對待他人亦然

(My 2018/7 Painting) Be Ready To Expand Your Life 準備好擴展你的生活

(My 2018/7 Painting) Let Trust In, And Distrust Out 讓信任進來,請懷疑出去

(My 2018/7 Painting) What you really need to gain is familiarity with feeling calm and, therefore resulting in calm, forthright and calmer still. 而你真正需要的是回歸於"平靜",在"靜"中去尋找答案,直接的進入深層的寂靜~Heaven Letters

(My 2018/7 Painting) With your awareness, we suggest you pay attention to how many times you deem yourself, or others, wrong. You might be surprised to discover it is far more often than you realize. This is a good indicator of how much resistance you are still experiencing towards life. 伴隨著你的意識,我們建議你去關注有多少次你認為自己或他人是錯的,你可能會驚訝於次數比你意識到的還要多,這是一個很好的指示,表明對於生活你依舊在體驗多少的抵抗~Angel Wisdom

2018年7月30日 星期一

(My 2018/7 Paintings) Shift Your Focus, Shift Your Life.轉移你的專注,改變你的生活

(My 2018/7 Paintings) What You Set Your Sights Upon Is The Reality You Will Experience More And More With Each Passing Day 伴隨著每一天的過去,你所注視的就是你會體驗更多的

(My 2018/7 Painting) Honour The Highest Good Of Others 榮耀他人的最高良善

(My 2018/7 Painting) Step Out Of The Second Guessing Of Yourself Into Deep Trust In The Unfoldment 走出猜測進入對展開的深度信任

(My 2018/7 Painting)Surrender Into What Your Best Service Is However It Wishes To Present Itself That Day 臣服於你最好的服務就是它希望在那一天如何呈現的樣子

(My 2018/7 Painting) Surrender And Flow Into Your Highest Good 臣服和流入你最高的良善

(My 2018/7 Painting) Allow Yourself To Move How You Are Guided To 通過讓自己根據指引去移動

(My 2018/7 Painting) Being Guided Is Being Led By The Heart Which Is Loving, Connective, And Works With What The Energies Support 被指引就是指被心引領,它是有愛的,連接的,並與能量所支持的共事

(My 2018/7 Painting) Step Away From What You Feel You Should Do Into What You Feel Guided To Do 從你認為你應該做的事情中走出,進入你感到被指引去做的事情

(My 2018/7 Paintings) What beauty and magic can you choose to see in your life today? 今天你會選擇在你的生活中看到什麼樣的美麗與神奇?~Angel Wisdom

2018年7月29日 星期日

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) As You Shift Your Attention To The Abundant Universe You Will Experience It 隨著你將注意力轉向豐盛的宇宙,你會體驗它

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) Focus On All That Is Good 專注於生活中所有美好的

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) Focus On All That Is There To Appreciate And Enjoy 專注於生活中所有值得感恩和享受的東西

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) Focus On All That Is Working In Your Lives 專注於生活中所有奏效的

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) Why Waste Your Time Giving The Darkness Your Attention 為什麼要浪費你的時間去關注黑暗的人事物

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) You Get To Choose Your News 你可以選擇你想看的新聞

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) Choose To Set Your Sights On All The Good That Happens All Around You Every Day 選擇專注於每一天發生在你周圍的美好事物

(My 2018/7 Painting: Bird Flying For Freedom 鳥為自由飛翔) You Get To Choose Your Views 你可以選擇你的觀點

What Is Going On In Here Within You Right Here And Now Is Creating Your Tomorrow "這裡"正在發生的在你的"此時此刻"創造著你的明日

Choose to focus upon that which gives you delight and joy. If you see something you do not like, immediately use that to focus on what you would like. 選擇去專注於給予你喜悅的東西,如果你看到你一些不喜歡的東西,立刻轉向去專注於你喜歡的~Angel Wisdom

2018年7月28日 星期六

Even A Simple"I Love You" Is A Wonderful Go-To Statement You Can Apply To Yourself And Others 即使是一個簡單的"我愛你"也是一個奇妙的轉向語句可以應用於自身和他人

Think of An Affirmation You Can Use That Helps You Feel The Energy Of Acceptance 想一想你可以使用的肯定語有助於你感受到接納的能量

I Choose To Remember Who I Really Am 我選擇憶起我的真正所是

I Trust In The Unfoldment 我信任如其所是的展開

Everyone Has Their Own Innate Wisdom As Well As The Assistance Of Guides And Helpers 每個人都有著自己天生的智慧以及來自他們的指導靈和神聖助手的協助

Everyone Is The Master Of Their Own Path 每個人是自身道路的大師

We Are All In This Together 我們都是在同一條船上

We Are All Doing The Best That We Can 我們都已經盡力而為

God Is Guiding Me Now 神正在指引我

We Are All Beloved Aspects Of Source 我們都是造物摯愛的面向

2018年7月27日 星期五

Life Journal: 雖然說看起來人的一生似乎在為自己或家人追求爭取安全和更好的存在狀態,但其實更大的層面,全部的人不過都在這個人生遊戲場裏交換彼此價值,交換彼此經驗,交換彼此時間,和交換彼此本具的愛,我們其實一直都在以自己所有的,交換自己所沒有的,於是全體就都有了~Carissa Love

It is impossible for you to not love, for you are made of the same love as I. From this desire of yours, Love in Your Awareness rises and rises until you are Risen.你不可能不去愛,因為你本是由愛組成,和我一樣,因著你的渴望,愛會從你的意識中升起,升起,直到你也被拉動提升~Heaven Letters

Love Cannot Separate 愛不可能分離

How Does The Sun Shine? It Shines By Shining. ~太陽是怎麼閃耀的?就是發光~

It Is Not Possible To Separate Yourself From All The Constituents That Constitute You 從構成你的所有要素中分離是不可能的

Everyone in the seeming world pulls everyone else who makes up the seeming world. This is how it is. Without everyone, there is a heaviness. No longer can My children think of life in isolation.世界中的每個人伸手去拉另一個人,因為它的存在是因你們的因緣和合而生,就是這樣,每個人都有他的作用,我的孩子們不能再孤立的看待生活~Heaven Letters

There Is Nothing You Can Do But Desire The Good Of All 企盼眾生最高的善

You Desire To Express Your Gratitude 你渴望表達你的感恩

You Desire To Share 你渴望分享

You Come Across A Desire For The Well-Being Of The World And Deeper 你會渴望去利益眾生並深化它