2018年9月30日 星期日

14 Photos: 2018/9 Transforming Shan Shan's New Wheel Chair 大改造善善的新推車 整個九月份最大的任務就是除了幫善善找到適合現階段的新輕便日本Miki輪椅外,又幫他買了愛爾蘭Izzy Wheels的西班牙藝術家設計輪胎圈, 和自己幫他彩繪側板,手把,坐墊,甚至腳踏墊...還掛了大耳狗系列娃娃兩支!我的天命就是對任何實用而不美無奇的事物感到難受,然後就會想盡辦法不懈地去改造和把平凡無奇的事物變美!這是我天生傾向反覆在做的每一件事的核心精神和價值!~Carissa Love


(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) You are a wonder on Earth. You are wondrousness.你是地球上的奇蹟,是神奇~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) 認清真正的自己吧!你是愛,那麼先愛好自己,重塑自己~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作)Wondrousness is not lost in a woods.~神奇不會迷失在密林中~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) You are blessed beyond measure. This makes you a blessing. Accept.你被祝福著,不可估量,你也因此成為了祝福,接受它吧~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) Life is a blessing if you could but acknowledge this.如果你能瞭解,生活本身就是場祝福~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) One moment of Life is precious. You are precious goods.生活中的每一刻都值得珍惜,你是奢侈品~

(2018/9藍色月光銅盤永生花手作) Convert fear into Love of Life.將恐懼轉化為你生命中的愛吧~

(2018/9藍色月光銅器花盤永生花手作) Be a Spender of Love and not a miser of it. 要成為愛的富豪而不是吝嗇鬼~

(2018/9藍色月光銅器花盤永生花手作) Seek Truth instead of fear. 放下恐懼,尋找真相吧~

(2018/9藍色月光銅器花盤永生花手作) There Is No End To Life 生命沒有終點

2018年9月29日 星期六

Be aware of the content you consume. Everything is imprinted in your subconscious.~留意你攝取的每一種資訊都成為印記~

The Only Way To Success Is The One You Make 每個人的成功之道都是獨一無二的

Be Peace 成為平靜

You can choose instead to love the light within all beings. You can lovingly set healthy boundaries and withdraw your energy from those who can't honor them. 你可以有愛地設置健康的邊界,並從那些不尊重他們的人那裡收回能量~

You need never "dignify the darkness" with your attention. You can choose instead to love the light within all beings. 你永不該用你的關注"捧高黑暗",而是該選擇愛所有存在中的光~

The Divine lives within you.神性活在你的內心

Treat yourselves with loving kindness.仁慈地對待自己,愛自己

You always have been and always will be nothing less than the source taken form in a unique and beautiful soul. However your experience of that will be limited until at long last you learn to let love flow.你永遠只會成為不亞於源頭在獨特而美麗的靈魂中拾起的形態, 但你的體驗會是有限的,直到你終於學會讓愛流動~

You are all simply growing. Every single soul upon your planet earth is learning to open to and share this stream of love that wants to circulate throughout universes. 你們都只是在成長當中,地球的每一個靈魂都在學習向這個渴望貫穿宇宙的愛之流動敞開並分享它~

You block the in-breath of Divine love when you criticize or belittle yourselves, treat yourselves with less than dignity and respect. You block love when you neglect to take care of your body, mind, and soul. You block the in-breath of love when you view yourself as"lesser than"any other aspect of creation, or when you forget to enact healthy boundaries. 當當你批評或貶低自己,不尊重和用不重視自己的態度對待自己時,你阻擋了神聖之愛的吸氣!當你忽視照顧自己的身體, 頭腦和靈魂,你阻擋了愛;當你視自己比任何造物的其他面向"要差",或當你忘記制訂健康的邊界時,你阻擋了愛的吸氣~

2018年9月28日 星期五

All pain, all problems, and all sensations of lack stem from restricting the flow love that wants to stream to you and through you. 所有的痛苦,所有的問題,所有的缺乏感源於限制愛流向你和流經你~

Within you lies the power to permit the creator to enjoy its creation... or to deny it the very same.你之內有著力量去允許造物主享受自己的創造...或者否認它

Within you lives the potential to observe, and acknowledge any possible reality you wish to experience, and thereby to experience it. 你之內有著觀察並認識到任何你希望體驗從而去實際體驗任何現實的潛能

Within you lives the power that creates universe.~你之內有著創造宇宙的力量~

You are the"cloak"of the Divine... can you imagine? 你是神性的"外衣"...你能想像嗎?

The Divine lives within all creation, as surely as the ocean lives within each wave.神性棲息在所有的造物中,就像海洋棲息於每一個海浪中~

The divine desires harmony within, and that means it desires harmony in your lives. 神性渴望內在的和諧,這意味著它渴望你生活中的和諧~

The Divine wants to gently guide you away from that which hurts and towards that which expands.神性想要溫柔地指引你遠離傷害,朝向擴張~

Divine love wants to help you find perfect health and well being, abundance, and beautiful relationships.神聖之愛想要幫助你找到完美的健康和幸福,豐盛,美麗的人際關係

It's Okay To Bend A Little 適當的調整是OK的

2018年9月27日 星期四

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) You were made in the"image and likeness" of the Creator, not in terms of appearance, but rather in terms of essence. 你是按照造物主的"模樣"創造的,不是以外表而是以本質~

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) Divine love wants to circulate throughout the entire universe. It wants to flow to you and through you into every area of your lives. 神聖之愛想要在整個宇宙流通,它想要流向你並通過你進入你生活的每一個領域~

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) There Are No Mistakes 每件事都適如其份

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) Everything That Happens Is Moving You Into More 每件發生的事都帶你朝向擴張

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) The key is to step out of automatic responses, into more conscious interaction. Try to be more aware. 關鍵是要走出自動化反應模式,進入更有意識的互動,試著變得更有意識~

(My 2018/9 Alcohol Ink Painting) Consciously practice empathy for your loved ones. Try to look at them with new eyes and feel into their perspective. 有意識地去同理你所愛的人,試著用新的眼光去看待他們並感受他們的視角