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Carissa Love grauduated with a master degree in education from the University of Birmingham , UK and has a bachelor degree in English and American Literature. And she presently lives in Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan. She has traveled over 20 countries mostly in Europe (such as Scotland, Finland, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands/Holland, Egypt, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada & some Asian Countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and the Philippines for sure)...

She is presently the main care taker (a mother) of a 11-year-old multiple disabled child who lost his breathe on the 2nd day of birth and resulted in severe Cereal Palsy although people can't tell from the photographs alone because she focuses only on the BEAUTY of LIFE in her photographs as a must for balance. She has been creating multimedia art including writing, photography. painting, flower arrangement and piano music (...) in any time available, and post them mainly in her web site (carissalove.com). She releases all her joy, trust of life's highest good, appreciation of life's beauty , stress, pain and emotions through various art forms and enjoying her alone time to reach balance and inner peace. Beauty (not in the definition of fashion)  is the core essence of her life and her breath, a must have life style she lives with,

Her most precious child and this unique stressful and yet rapildly growing and enlighting life journey has taught her to trust the universe when the load is too heavy and can't be controlled or fixed with humans' work alone. We have to live with / accept what is, trust, surrender, have faith, keep praying, follow the inner guidance, and still have appreciation and gratitude for whatever is going RIGHT in our lives in order to be peaceful. Trust that all is well and everything serves a higher purpose for a friendly and supporting reason. Trust that we are loved and taken care of.

She prefers applying the thickness of colours, lines, patterns with freedom as another way of simplicity, and still continues to experiment, expand and evolve in her painting journey...

Her philosophy of life is:Be as much comfortable and free with yourself and your life as possible. Live very comfortably and freely with responsiblities fulfilled and without hurting other lives. Be real to your own soul, inner voice, and your own life, Have no regrets!

Name Change : For The Purpose of Getting More Close To Her Original Soul Plan & True Life Purpose, she started using her new spiritual name Carissa Love From Morrisa Love (Lai) since 2017/2.

我是一個摯愛的因出生第二天時缺氧急救致多重障礙,聰穎純真的善善的媽媽和主要照顧者(前英文老/講師&編輯),一個熱愛創作又高度敏感的自由創作藝術家,一個偏向自由平等風格的靈性探求者,和一個世界旅行者。碩士時期在英國伯明罕大學教育系英語教學組受教育,並由此機緣開始自助旅行環遊全世界南北半球二十多國橫跨世界各洲,建立廣泛閱歷跟自由平等的人生觀。 在孩子缺氧致重度腦麻多年後,穿越生命的重大失落在畫畫、插花、奧剛和寶石金屬編織等種種創作、藝術、靈性和對美的尋求中自我療癒平衡,重拾對生命的喜悅跟希望。我對生命同時在臣服與創新求變中並進...我的天命就是在萬事萬物中彰顯自由平等的價值和創造美! 習畫經歷:從2014年起依序跟歐美知名畫家Flora Aube, Flora Bowley, Alena Henessy等等國內外畫家習畫多年,曾舉辦一次攝影展和兩次畫展。藝術創作、身心靈之路和照顧我多重需求的13歲寶貝就是我全部的生活。 我們曾自行出版善善地第一本關於環遊世界的實體和電子書,接受金鐘獎音樂故事廣播媒體訪問,目前在八年級課後正在陪孩子寫第二本關於英國高度尊重禮遇身心障礙者的早期教育、環境和先進的無障礙設施及介紹倫敦景點的第二本圖文書。

因為靈性上跟靈魂藍圖計劃相關的因素,她從多年的名字Morrisa Lai轉換到更適合她的整體靈魂藍圖計劃與靈魂潛能的新名字Carissa Love。因為原名Morrisa Lai在世界上更獨一無二,所以原名在Google Search多年來一直都是置首的,因此把舊名留在括號內以便於Google搜尋的方便跟不失去這個用了二十年以上意義上很特別的名字。
Peace To All,
Life To All,
Love To All,
Contact : [email protected]

Carissa Plays & Sings 我想送你一雙美麗的翅膀 On The Piano:
Carissa Plays & Sings 小情人 On The Piano:

My Major Painting Styles /我的主要繪畫風格:
Style 1. Flower of Life / 生命之花

2. Inky Flow Style /流動輕靈風格  
2017/6 Gold Leaf Magic 2
2017/6 Gold Leaf Magic 1
Emotional Release

3.Wild Free Modern Expressive Style/現代感奔放表現風格:
Painting 2: Dreamy Breeze
4.Heart Or Floral Pattern/心型或花卉圖案簡約風格:
Painting 1: Sweets Love

5.Angel Paintings/天使畫:


7.Simply Fun & Playful 玩樂奔放