2018年10月29日 星期一

Look for other ways of meeting strife.當生活中遭遇衝突時,要尋求其它的多種方式解決~

Life is trying to teach you to respond rather than react. 生活試圖教會你正確回應而不是反應~

I did not give you a role as rule-maker. Be an exponent of how life in the world is meant to be lived. Use your quiet voice. Correct yourself and not so much others. 做個榜樣給大家看應該如何去生活,如同輕聲在訴說,要矯正的是自己而不是試圖去改變他人~

How you serve The Divine is by serving others.你通過服務於他人而服務於你的神性~

How you serve yourself is by serving others.你通過服務於他人而服務自己~

Your life is about serving.Good-naturedness is something that you are to offer to those around you.你們的生活只關乎服務,你提供給周圍的一切是你美好天性的呈現~

Your life is more than about pride or gaining respect from seeming others. Others do not have to defer to you. You are not the King of the Mountain nor are you to be a warden of the world. 你們的生活無關於驕傲或贏得別人表面上的尊敬,你無需比他人卓越,你不是山之王也不是這個世界的管理者~

You don't have to be drawn into drama.你不必捲入人生的戲劇中~

Whatever you give, whatever service you perform, do it on My behalf. Do it in the Name of God and in the Name of Love.無論你付出什麼,無論你如何服務於人,都要以我之名;去做吧,以神和愛的名~

Never mind righteous anger. Fury does not become you. 別去理會義憤的情緒,憤怒不會降臨你~

Be generous. Be gentle. Be gentle with all souls. At the very least, be a blessing to yourself.要慷慨大度,要溫和,要對所有的靈魂溫和;至少,要祝福你自己~

When you lash out, what do think you gain? Gain your own self-respect, and, then, how will you deal with the world that it has been said, mistakenly, lies outside you? 當你猛烈還擊時,你認為自己贏得了什麼?要先找到自重,然後,你會如何應對這個所謂存在於你之外的世界呢~

2018年10月26日 星期五

The daily miracles of life continued. 生活中的奇蹟還是每天都在持續發生~

You are on the planet to evolve in whatever unique direction your soul wishes to explore and expand into this time around. You are sovereign in all the decisions, and delighted to have the opportunity for your own perfectly chosen focused field of study. 你來地球是為了朝著你靈魂希望探索和擴張的獨特方向進化的,在所有決定中你都是有主導權的,並很高興有機會去選擇你喜歡的學習領域~

What you do have are themes that you have chosen to experience throughout your incarnation. They are learning opportunities in particular areas that you are desiring to explore. And the fact that you have chosen them as your specific major of study means that the full potential is there for you to move into a much greater understanding and mastery of them. You would not choose to focus on an area that you were not ready for or did not have the prerequisites to be successful with. 你所擁有的是你選擇在化身期間體驗的主題,它們是你渴望探索的特定領域的學習機會,你選擇它們作為你特定的主修科目意味著你有充分的潛能可以進一步理解和精通,你不會選擇去專注於你沒有準備好的領域或沒有成功的先決條件的領域~

There is a belief that the universe sends you tests or lessons. This is simply not true. The idea of lessons or tests implies that you are being judged or graded and nothing could be further from the truth. It also suggests that you are powerless in what happens to you, and that is also simply not true. 人們有著一個信念:相信宇宙會向你發送考驗或課程,這是不正確的,課程或考驗的想法意味著你在被評判或分級,沒什麼比這離真相更遠了;它還表明你對發生在你身上的事情是無能為力的,這也是不正確的~

Stepping out of the darkness is enlightenment, and is done one incremental shift at a time. If you make one decision at a time that is better feeling, even if it is the tiniest amount, it will add up before you know it, and you will be making solid progress toward where your divine spark is trying to lead you. 走出黑暗就是啟蒙,並且一次完成一個轉變;如果你一次做出一個感覺更好的決定,即使是最微小的轉變,它也會累積;在你注意到之前,你會取得堅實的進展去朝向你神聖的火花試圖引領你前往的地方~

Be kind and gentle with yourselves if you have become weary, Dear Ones. Love yourselves. Nurture yourselves. Forgive yourselves if you have become temporarily lost or overwhelmed. Keep your expectations of yourselves realistic. 如果你已經很疲憊,請對自己友善和溫柔;愛自己,滋養自己,寬恕自己,如果你暫時迷失或不知所措,對自己的期望要保持實際性~

Just keep it simple. Now is the time to get back to basics, not to make great vibrational leaps. There will be plenty of time for that later, for every time you find your way back to the light and your true divine essence, great things become possible. 只是保持簡單,現在是時候回歸基礎,而不是做出巨大的振動飛躍;之後會有充足的時間去做後者,因為每一次你找到返回光和你真正神聖本質的道路,偉大的事物就變得可能~

Once you are ready to start paying attention to what might feel a little better to you, you can start to recognize that there are things that are working for you. From there it is just a small step to gratitude. Even if something felt better to you for one minute, it is something you can have gratitude for. And that practice will help anchor in more of what you desire and deserve. It also helps you to be non-resistant, because you simply cannot practice gratitude and be resistant at the same time. It will also shift you into more presence, where real change can occur. 一旦你準備好開始去關注感覺起來會更好一點的東西時,你會開始認識到那些為你奏效的東西;從這樣的境地,離感恩就只差一小步之遙;即使某樣東西只有一分鐘讓你感覺美好,它就是你可以感激的東西;這樣的練習可以幫助你錨定更多你渴望與值得擁有的東西,還會幫助你不去抵抗,因為你無法練習感恩的同時處於抵抗;這還會讓你轉變到更多的存在(狀態),那是真正的改變可以發生的地方~

It can be difficult to even imagine joy from such a place, so look for something that will feel a bit lighter to you. It might be watching a show you love, or reading a book you've enjoyed, or just getting up and moving your body, or getting outdoors into the sunshine. You are just looking for something that isn't as dense and that you can be non-resistant to. 從這樣的痛苦之地去想像喜悅也是困難的,所以去尋找會感覺起來輕鬆的東西;它可以是觀看你喜愛的電視節目,或者閱讀一本你享受的書,或者起床動動身體,或者出去曬曬太陽,就是尋找那些並不那麼稠密的東西,你可以不抵抗的事物~

You cannot resist resistance, for it will only beget more of the same. And acceptance can be too great of a leap for many of you to make from such a painful place. So we urge you to simply understand that your discomfort exists as a redirectional tool, and start to lead yourself to things that you can be less resistant to. 你無法抗拒抵抗,因為這只會產生更多的抵抗;對於你們中的許多人來說,從這樣一個痛苦之地要去"接納"會是一個太大的跳躍,所以我們敦促你去明白你的不適是作為一個重新定向的工具而存在,並開始去引領自己朝向你較少抵抗的事物去移動~

If you have found yourself in a painful place, it can become very easy to stay focused on what is not working for you. It can also be very difficult to remember what you know from such a dark place. If you are in such a situation, the key is to very gently and incrementally begin to disengage from the resistance you are in. 如果你發現自己處於一個痛苦之地,那麼就會很容易去專注於那些不為你奏效的東西,還很難去記得你已知的東西;如果你處於這樣的情況中,關鍵就是去溫柔地,漸漸地開始離開你所處的抵抗狀態~

2018年10月24日 星期三

Meet life half-way.允許生活的發生~

It all starts with simply acknowledging that being authentically you is not only more than enough, it's the whole point and then letting that true soul essence lead the way. 這一切都始於認識到成為真實的你不僅是綽綽有餘的,而且是重中之重,然後讓那個真正的靈魂本質引領道路~

The more you allow yourself to shine, the more you expand and the more you draw to you the exact circumstances that support you and your purpose. 你越多地讓真實的自我閃耀,你就越多地擴張,越多地吸引會支持你和你的目標的切實情況~

The more you shine in your unique truth, the more you embody the exact traits, abilities, and energy you came onto the planet with to serve both your own path and the whole. 你越多地在自己獨特的真理中閃耀,你就越多地體現你來到地球服務自身的道路以及整體所需的特性,能力和能量~

Your greatest purpose is to embrace being your authentic self. 你最大的目的就是擁抱你真實的自我~

2018年10月23日 星期二

Whatever you have lost cannot be replaced, yet other treasures are laid up for you. Give your heart a good hug and wipe its tears. With or without your participation, troubles fade. Heartache is mortal. Heartache is not permanent. 不管你曾失去了什麼都不可能再回來,然而卻有其它的珍貴的東西在等待著你,給自己的心一個大大的擁抱,擦乾眼淚,你參與或不參與其中,麻煩都會褪去,令你頭痛的事終將過去,它不是永恆存在的~

Life is not against you. Life is just being life. There is no profit in finding fault with life. What you may believe you have lost, you have to let go of. No one denies that an aching heart in shock is hard to get past, yet everything in life is to forge ahead, and so must you. 生活不是針對你的,生活只是生活,尋找生活的過錯於你無益,你相信已經失去的一切,就放開手吧;沒人否認還在震驚中痛著的心很難忘卻,然而生活中的一切都要繼續向前,你也必須如此~

Nor do you in life read yesterday"s newspaper over and over again to your dismay or self-flagellation. Every day sends you new messages. 不要一遍一遍反覆閱讀昨天的報紙令自己沮喪,或者自己虐待自己,每一天都會有全新的信息~

When it is summer or winter or draught or floods, you do not waste your time on taking such occurrences personally. 無論是夏天,冬天,或是寒流,洪水,不要浪費時間從個人化的角度去解讀發生的一切~

And when cold winter comes, you can dress warmly, and you can light a fire, but you can't stop winter. Why fuss and fume about it? 當寒冷的冬天來臨,你可以穿的很暖,可以生起爐火,但卻不能阻止冬天,何必大驚小怪的為此煩惱~

If it is torrid summer where you are, you can't refuse long days and sun. Summer will go on as long as it goes on. Summer doesn't adjust to your wants. You have to adjust to summer. 假如你身處炎熱的夏季,你無法拒絕又長又熱的白天;夏天還是會繼續,如它該是的樣子;夏天不會為你們做出調整,而你們要去適應它~

You are not a target. Rather, it could be said that you target parts of life and refuse to accept what cannot be denied. 你不是一個目標,事實上,可以說你設置了某些生活的目標,同時拒絕接受無法抗拒的一切~

You can say that life is like a tidal wave, and tidal waves are impartial. It may seem to you that life plays favorites, and so you may resent life and try to battle with it. No one gets off scot-free with life. The good you see visits all. The unwanted that you see in one form or another also visits all. 你可能會說生活就像是浪潮,而浪潮是公平的;在你看來生活是不公平的,你因此而怨恨生活,並試圖與它抗爭,沒有人能逍遙自在的生活,你們嚮往的美好會光顧每個人,你們不想要的也會以某種方式降臨在每個人身上~

Come from an understanding that life is as life is. Life has no vendetta with you. Life happens to all. No matter who you are, sooner or later, life will take away from you the physical presence of loved ones. Life isn't out to get you. Life means to move you forward. 從理解生活就該如其所是開始,生活與你本無恩怨,每個人都要面對生活,無論你是誰,或早或晚,生活會帶走你摯愛的人的肉身,生活不會去抓住你,生活旨在讓你不斷前行~

Move forward. 向前走吧~

Represent your friends" desires. Represent your desires. Then you are ahead by virtue of having gone for what you wanted. 去支持你朋友的願望,支持你的願望,為夢想全力以赴的品德會讓你成功~

2018年10月22日 星期一

You are the pioneers, so allow yourselves to play in the energies of the great beyond, to stay open to new wondrous potentials, to embrace miracles and magic, and to find fun and excitement in the entire process. 你是先鋒,所以讓自己在宏偉的能量中玩耍,向新的奇妙的潛能保持敞開,擁抱奇蹟和魔力,在整體過程中找到喜悅和興奮~

The greatest way you limit yourself in your manifestation attempts is by settling for things that are too small, or by only being open to potentials you can imagine. The bottom line is your greatest creations exist outside the bounds of what you have already experienced. That is because the mind works with what it has already knows. Your soul wishes to continually expand beyond what you have already done. 你對自己顯化的最大限制就是滿足於太小的東西,或者只向你所能想像的潛能敞開,基本上就是說你最大的造物存在於你經驗的範圍之外,這是因為頭腦是與它所知的事物共事的,而你的靈魂希望繼續擴張超越你已經做過的事情~

Look for the good in life. Appreciate what you can. Honestly ask for help when you cannot find the higher spaces...在生活中尋找美好,感恩你可以感恩的,當你找不到更高的空間時,真誠地請求幫助~

It is your inner being that stays the course during the storm. Connect within and allow that wisdom to guide you, and you will always find your way to where your soul is trying to lead you, even if your human self has no idea where that is or how you will ever get there. 你的內在會在風暴期間保持航線,與內在連接並允許內在智慧引導你,你總會找到你的靈魂試圖引領你前往之地的道路,即使你的人類自我根本不知道那是什麼地方或你將如何到達那裡~

Life is not obliged to be constant, yet you can always be well-mannered toward life and engage amicably with the next chapter in your life you come to - and with life as a whole.Say, "Aloha, Life." 生活沒有義務保持不變,但你卻能始終以好的心態面對它,友善的應對你的下一部場景,全身心的和生活在一起,說:"生活,歡迎你~

Life itself does not mean to be competitive with you. You don't have to be competitive with life.生活和你不是競爭關係,你無需與它一爭高低~

Life can change of its own accord, and then you can run with it, yet it is not for you to walk backwards. Of course, you don"t want your life to be a matter of your picking up old cigarette butts. 生活能自行改變它的步調,那你就跟上它,但不能後退,生活當然不該只是拾撿舊煙頭~

The theme of life is moving forward. Say Ahoy to life.進步才是生活的主旋律,去擁抱它吧~

Meditation will always offer you exactly what you need. Know that however it unfolds it is always profound and divinely perfect. There is never a wasted meditation or one that fails for it always serves you on an energetic level. The practice will always provide whatever has to take precedence for your wellness and evolution. 冥想總是會提供你切實的所需,要知道,無論它如何展開,它總是深刻且神聖完美的,從不會有無用的冥想或失敗的冥想,因為它總是會在能量層面上為你服務,這種練習將始終為你的幸福和發展所需提供優先的事項~

Meditation serves many purposes. It shows your intention to connect. It is an action to honour yourself. It is a means to receive information or guidance. You might consider it a reset point if you've had a challenging day. 冥想服務著許多的目標,它顯示了你想要連接的意圖,它是一個榮耀自己的行為,它是一個接收信息或指引的方式;如果你遇到充滿挑戰的一天,你可以視它為一個重啟按鈕~