2021年10月27日 星期三

Spirit of Gratitude


In prayer, we connect directly to our Higher Power. It is a way for us to be in communion with the Divine, a reminder that our lives are a sacred conversation we are continuously engaged in. Prayer lets us know we are not alone. A power greater than us acts on our behalf and is activated through us, suffusing our hearts and minds with a faith that is life affirming, loving, and compassionate. When we pray, we acknowledge that we are only part of the equation of life, that a spiritual aspect is always in operation. We engage in humility, knowing we are in a co-creative partnership and have so much to be grateful for.

Expressing gratitude and asking to be of service is the most powerful, prospering prayer of all. When you focus your attention on appreciation for even the smallest aspects of your life and what you have already experienced, it’s like waving a magic wand. Everything you need comes to you without effort. Obstacles fall away, and your purpose becomes ever clearer.

The kind of prayer that will prosper you and others today is one of deep, abiding gratitude. You become a magnet for miracles when you are grateful and ask to be a channel for Divine purpose, Divine abundance, love, and compassion. The power of Source is within you. Now is the time to awaken it.


¸¸.'•. ¸.•' ⁀⋱‿💜•.♡.•⁀⋱💜‿•.♡.•ðŸ’œ

Spirit of Sharka



  ~Be grateful for abundance.  Live in appreciation. For what you have, and more good things will come~  Affirmation:  Today I will focus on being grateful. I am grateful for my bed, the roof over my head, running water, my clothes, my shoes, my friends, and my country.  I give thanks for the birds, the grass, the trees and flowers. I will say thank you, thank you, and again thank you and my life will blossom and be filled with joy.  ★*☆*´¨`☽ ( ☆* Blessings. ★.¸¸¸. •°´♡¸.★*´♡ ♡  Quote 












生命之花能量卡-第27號: 我自信自重,我有勇氣表達我的真理








(我的編髮照) 我創造奇蹟。




New Zealand 奇蹟無所不在。


2021年10月23日 星期六

回憶整理這兩年聽到過的他人最具體對我的讚美是🙏🙏🙏: 🌸美感品味極高 🌸氣質脫俗非凡 🌸靈性天賦極高 🌸是愛是美是靈性 🌸心很純真很透明




太愛這張卡的接地能量和光✨✨✨🌳🌳🌳🌏🌏🌏 ✨ ~ ROOTS OF ABUNDANCE ~✨ This card signals you to pay attention to how you are anchoured in the story of your life. Trust that you will be taken care of. The world is full of limitless potential and will nourish you according to your beliefs, regardless of temporary outer conditions. You are not a victim of life! Life happens for you—not to you, even if you sometimes slip into that way of thinking. If you are grounded and internally steadfast, nothing can uproot you, and you have the ability to manifest your intentions with ease. The message here is simple: Your life is safe and secure, and your intentions are coming to fruition. All your hopes and dreams are firmly grounded and taking root so that you can reach for the stars in your life and expand your dreams further than you can imagine. Everything in the material world is a reflection of your interior world. You are unstoppable and unshakable because you believe that you are abundant. Know that you can easily move from merely surviving to thriving when you pay attention to staying grounded. If you find yourself in ungrounded thinking, now is the time for radical trust. Growth never follows a straight line; you will manifest what you need when you need it. A tall, healthy tree doesn’t need to hold on to the ground for dear life. It knows it will not fly away with the wind, because its roots are planted deep in the earth. (¯'💙'¯).♡ ¸¸'•. ¸.•' ⁀⋱‿💙•.♡.•⁀⋱💙‿•.♡.•ðŸ’™ Spirit of Sharka


🌸本週完成的能量畫:🌸 無限*生命之花


2021年10月20日 星期三





最重要的事只有一件 The One Thing.

An Angel Said


🧚‍♀️🌸 AN ANGEL SAID ðŸŒ¸ðŸ§š‍♀️

ಌ⊱ There is always hope. After every darkness, there is always light and there is always a chance for Miracles to happen.

Some of the best days of your life are still ahead. There are so many blessings waiting for you.

So please have hope and trust you are never alone ⊰ಌ

•**.¸.* ´*• ðŸŒ¸

Spirit of Sharka